Kyoto : full of Sakura

Pottery Uzuki in April 2011
on the right: Iron glazed flower vase by Shigeru Hirayama
on the left: Antique tiny plates of celadon porcelain

The East Japan earthquake happened on March 11th.
Our deeep thoughts are with all the people in the devastated areas.

Right now we've received lots of emails from people over the world that tell
they are with us, Japan.

Thank you so very much for thinking of Japan and helping us in many ways.

Now Sakura is in full-bloom all over Kyoto!

Shidare-zakura/weeping cherry tree at Senbon Shaka-Do

Our pottery studio stands near Senbon Shaka-Do, Kitano Shrine, Hirano Shrine and Golden Pavilion/Kinkakuji etc., when you visit these places, please call in!

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