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Uzuki in Kisaragi:February

Let's talk about Japanese pottery!

Please visit
Pottery studio


The class will be open Fridays and Saturdays (Mondays might be possible) and
last around 3 hours: 3 : 30pm - 6 : 30pm or 4 : 00pm - 7 : 00pm

Course A - one day tea bowl or sake cup making class

From 2 - 3 people in a class

The fee for the pottery class is 5,000yen per person

If you'd like me to send the works you've made, after firing I'll send by air-mail

Delivery charge is needed additionally

If you'd like to have a tea ceremony at my studio before the pottery lesson, I'll give you a tea ceremony

The fee for the tea ceremony is 2,000yen per person including the costs of matcha tea & sweets

Course B - regular class

As for the details of the regular class, please email at pottery uzuki or
uzuki pottery class

Here is the letter from Nana -

My seven private pottery making classes with Shigeru San was one of the highlights of my three months stay in Kyoto. To me, it was not just an ordinary pottery making class but an amazing life experience of Japanese Zen sprit and attitude.

I was lucky enough to have the pottery making classes in Shigeru San’s traditional Kyoto town house studio, which is a classic and elegant studio with Zen atmosphere. There is a special room for holding proper Japanese tea ceremony in the studio also. I was very privileged to be introduced to the Japanese tea ceremony culture and to evidence Shigeru San’s skillful Japanese tea making in my first class.

Shigeru San is a very modest gentleman with a great dry sense of humour, so I never felt bored learning and making pottery with him. The best part of my pottery making was finding the strong connection between my hands and the clay. To me, it came all very nature with Shigeru San’s guidance and influence.

Shigeru San believes that pottery is made through conversation between humans and nature. I shared the same belief after seven weeks learning and the true amazing thing was my understanding of pottery making has been transformed into a deeper level with the elements of simplicity and grace.

I just want to say a huge 'arigatogozaimashita' to Shigeru San for everything he has taught me in the past seven weeks, which will benefit me for life!
I look forward to continuing my pottery learning with Shigeru San on my return next year!

Nana from Edinburgh, UK