Uzuki in Yayoi:March
flowers: momo/peach blossoms & nanohana/rape colza
pottery: antique suribachi/grinding bowl

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Uzuki pottery class

Course A - 1-day tea bowl making class

Course B - private class

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On March 4th (Sun), the performance of Bunraku puppet theater will be held at Kyoto bunka geijutsu kaikan Hall

A UNESCO World Intangible Heritage (proclaimed in 2003)

The puppets (and the puppeteers, who we can see on the stage, but their heads and bodies are covered with black costumes) perform the dramas with the narrators(singers) and shamisen(Japanese three-stringed instrument) players.

Also if you like, please visit
Osaka or Tokyo National Bunraku Theatre!

In April there will be the spring performance at Osaka national Bunraku theater in Osaka.