Kisaragi : Classic, Classic!

Camellia in the antique Tamba suribachi

on the right: old cocktail glass
on the left: Inside inka, outside black glazed tea bowl by Shigeru Hirayama

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Winter classic: hibachi & tetsubin

Bunraku : classic puppet theatre
A UNESCO World Intangible Heritage (proclaimed in 2003)

The puppets (and the puppeteers, who we can see on the stage, but their heads and bodies are covered with black costumes) perform the dramas with the narrators(singers) and shamisen(Japanese three-stringed instrument) players.

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Osaka or Tokyo National Bunraku Theatre!

Bunraku senbei: Japanese style cookies

Bunraku senbei is on sale at the stall in the theater.
The heros' & heroines' face is on it!