Kobo-san: Fascinating flea market at Toji temple!

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Antique tabako-bon:smoking set at the tea ceremony.
the tray, tabacco container and cover of hi-ire(celadon porcelain container for the charcoal to light it), the material of these three looks like bamboo, but they are all copper wares!

Kobo-san is the biggest flea market in Kyoto, it is held at Toji temple on 21st every month.
My grandma loved Kobo-san, she often took me there.
Since I was small I've enjoyed visiting and looking for something fabulous and very good buy.
My partner also loves good and old things, but not expensive ones.
This copper tabako-bon; a smoking set is around 70 years old.
He found this at today's Kobo-san, he looked so proud of himself with the harvest!
Kobo-san Flea Market